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  • Meet Betsy!

    Betsy is the progressive candidate for mayor who will build on our progress and lead Minneapolis forward. Betsy has the only real plan to close the gaps in education and jobs between the haves and have nots, between white people and people of color and prepare every person in Minneapolis for success.

  • The Star Tribune Endorses Betsy for Mayor!

    Citing her experience working with Mayor Rybak to balance the budget, her fearless independence from special interests, her plan to close the city's opportunity gaps and commitment to social justice, the Star Tribune endorses Betsy for mayor!

Current Events

Gary Cunningham: Vote Betsy #1 for Mayor!

Hi Minneapolitans!   There might be a few folks still on the fence about the upcoming election for Mayor of the City of Minneapolis given that we have 35 candidates. And even though there has been a lot of information written to clarify the field there may be some confusions or some people may want more information, […]

Recent Press

In case you missed it, here is some of Betsy’s recent press… “…Betsy Hodges wins our endorsement based on her City Council record of responsible fiscal leadership, her willingness to take on special interests on behalf of taxpayers, and her potential to grow into the civic cheerleader role that came naturally to Rybak.” “Betsy Hodges […]

Betsy Hodges’ Closing Argument Speech

Well, Minneapolis, here we are! We are five days away from deciding how we will together build the next generation of our city. Now, RT Rybak has been a great Mayor. I have been proud to stand arm in arm with him in some of our toughest fights at the city: fights like pension reform. […]

Meet Betsy

She’s running for Mayor to keep making Minneapolis a great city, to make sure that every neighborhood has the chance to be a part of the city’s prosperity, and commit the city to being a leader in the 21st Century economy.

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21st Century Solutions for a 21st Century City

Read about Betsy’s plan to build upon Minneapolis’ progress to ensure that we have a 21st-century city!

Closing the Education and Economic Gaps

Minneapolis has made incredible progress in recent years, making the important decisions to protect key priorities while keeping a close eye on the budget. But it’s clear we need to redouble our efforts to make this city work for everyone. And we have to work together to bring people together and unite Minneapolis.

Getting Our Basic Management Right

As Mayor, one of Betsy's top goals is to have Minneapolis be one of the best and most efficiently run cities in America.

Diversification of the Economy

The people who built Minneapolis knew they were building more than a mill city. That's why they invested in the city’s future through education.

Ready, Willing and Able: Putting Children Front and Center in Education

Read more about the education plan that’s been called “probably the most comprehensive approach to youth in the city.”