Getting Our Basic Management Right

As Mayor, one of Betsy’s top goals is to have Minneapolis be one of the best and most efficiently run cities in America.

As the chair of the Ways and Means/Budget Committee, Betsy has been a partner with Mayor Rybak making Minneapolis stronger and more financially sound, protecting key priorities while balancing budget after budget despite state cutbacks. She took on and won on the thankless and difficult task of pension reform, to save the millions for key programs and to help hold the line on property taxes

And a truly well-managed Minneapolis will be one in which every facet of our unique culture is represented. That means protecting our green spaces. It means preserving our vibrant arts movement. It means making sure the garbage is picked up, and the water from the tap is clean. Betsy has made tough decisions in tough economic times, and under her leadership our city government is more progressive and more fiscally responsible. And she’s ready to work even harder to make sure our city gets the basics right. Whether that means making sure the garbage is picked up or the water from the tap is clean and safe, Betsy is devoted to making sure Minneapolis is the best managed city it can possibly be.

Diversification of the Economy

The people who built Minneapolis knew they were building more than a mill city. That’s why they invested in the city’s future through education.

The decisions we make today will shape the course of our city’s economic future. We can train more people for careers in the thriving alternative energy manufacturing and retrofitting sectors in Minnesota. We have light rail projects and infrastructure projects that will bring economic prosperity to the city and further connect our people. We can create an economic environment where small and medium sized businesses can thrive.

We must also invest in our people through our creative economy. Through the arts, including our musicians, actors, authors andchefs, we can build a better Minneapolis for everyone.